Groom hilariously pranked by best man in wedding dress

Groom hilariously pranked by best man in wedding dress

Weddings are a chance to show the people in your life how much they mean to you - and I'm not just talking about those getting hitched.

Assigning roles, from the most important jobs like Maid of Honor to the smaller ones like Page Boy, is all part and parcel of any big day, and regardless of what you're invited to do, it's an honor.

To see the greatest prank ever pulled by a best man, check out the video below:

However, if there's one role that comes with the added bonus of giving the person assigned a chance to have some fun, it's that of the Best Man.

Aside from keeping the all-important rings safe, the Best Man is expected to give side-splittingly funny speeches, full of brilliant personal anecdotes about their best friend and his now-spouse.

But one Best Man by the name of Pat Jones went one step further, pranking the groom, Billy Hunt, in one of the most hilarious ways possible.

A man in a wedding dress. Credit: Caters Screenshot

One of the most exciting moments for many people is seeing their spouse walk down the aisle, and typically, they can't turn to admire their betrothed until they're almost at the alter.

In the video above, Pat can be seen struggling to fit into a woman's wedding dress, before going to surprise Billy, who was expecting his bride Sally to turn up.

As he walks down the aisle, further weight is added to the prank when a woman exclaims, "You look gorgeous!"

A best man pranking a groom. Credit: Caters Screenshot

Pat then pats Billy on the shoulder and makes a growling noise before Billy turns to see the hilarity that is his best man in a wedding dress. Needless to say, the pair are soon shrieking with laughter.

One thing's for sure, if Pat isn't already married, Billy is going to have a hard time topping this prank!