Guy gets into huge fight with stranger who had been using his Netflix account for years without him knowing

Guy gets into huge fight with stranger who had been using his Netflix account for years without him knowing

In this world, there are two kinds of people: those who pay for their Netflix accounts, and those who use their mum's/boyfriend's/long-lost roommate's account instead. Shamefully, I fall into the latter category, but I have permission from my friend to do so (shoutout to Dia - I wouldn't have been able to watch Birdbox without you), so I think that's ok - right?

What's definitely not alright, however, is sneakily using someone's account without them being aware of it, especially if you don't even know them.

So, when one guy on Reddit recently discovered that a friend of his ex - someone he hadn't talked to in years - had been using his precious streaming service without paying a penny, he did what any sensible person would do and changed the password. However, this didn't sit well with the scrounger, and a huge argument ensued.

It all started when the ex's friend reached out to the guy, who goes by "The_Duff" on Reddit, in order to ask whether he'd paid his monthly subscription fee that month.

whatsapp messages Credit: Reddit/The_Duff

The Duff, confused at why this person is asking about his Netflix account, goes on to ask the obvious follow-up question... and is rightfully ticked off when he gets the answer.

the duff reddit Credit: Reddit/The_Duff

However, the stranger doesn't take too kindly to being told this, and seems to think they still have the upper hand in the situation.

the duff whatsapp Credit: Reddit/The_Duff

And that's when the real beef kicks off.

the duff whatsapp Credit: Reddit/The_Duff

So, let's just get this straight: the stranger, who's been leeching of their friend's ex for literal years, thinks they can just message him out of the blue and get him to pay his Netflix subscription so they can continue watching Bandersnatch or something. In response, The Duff - predictably - tells them where to go... but they still think they've won?

They said that they had the Netflix set to auto-login, which implies that, if they'd never said anything, The Duff probably would have paid his bill soon anyway everything would have gone on as normal. In starting the conversation so rudely, however, they opened this can of worms:

the duff whatsapp Credit: Reddit/The_Duff

The sheer entitlement of the stranger in the post prompted many other Redditors to share similar stories, most of which involved exes using their accounts.

"Funny story I once had a girl post on instagram the day after breaking up with me 'TFW you break up with your man but still have his HBO," wrote one person. "She quickly lost access after I contacted customer support to log out all users on my account."

"My ex hit me up 3 years after breakup when I changed hulu+ password (because of someone else) for the same thing lol. I had no idea she was still leeching off it," said another.

And then there was this extreme one: "I got an email yesterday from hulu saying a device had been added to my account from China so I checked all the devices on my account and it turns out there were about 6 different devices added from all over the world dating back 5 years."

So, guys, take this as a PSA: if think someone might be leeching off your subscription service accounts, change your password right now. And if you're sneakily enjoying someone else's Netflix at the moment... well, you'd better hope they don't read this.