Guy goes viral after sharing how he discovered man he dated is married with kids on Twitter

Guy goes viral after sharing how he discovered man he dated is married with kids on Twitter

The holiday season is a notorious time of the year for breakups and makeups, and sometimes discovering skeletons that you really wish had stayed in the closet. Case in point, this poor guy who discovered that a man he'd once dated was married with kids.

Now, as if that wasn't bad enough, that really is the tip of the iceberg in a story that set Twitter alight on Christmas Day. He didn't just make this discovery anywhere but at midnight mass of all places...

This woman broke up with her cheating boyfriend at an equally memorable time of the year... during her birthday party:

Taking to Twitter, Dan, who has described himself as a "modern-day Bridget Jones", began his epic tale by revealing that he'd spotted the all-too-familiar face of his ex-lover in church.

He wrote: "Just been to midnight mass with my mum and next to me was a man I hooked up with last summer… and next to him was his wife and children that I had no knowledge of."

Dan explained that the man in question had cut off their fledgling relationship after seven dates because his job was simply "too hectic" to maintain a relationship.

Now, as if that wasn't bad enough, Dan's evening took another turn for the worst when he encountered the man again in a pub where he was enjoying a festive drink with his family... and vice versa.

Despite having his true identity as a married man revealed, the guy had the nerve to slide into Dan's DMs while they were at the pub. He asked Dan to meet him outside so that he could provide him with a "Christmas miracle" - don't worry, I'm cringing just as much as you are writing this.

Needless to say, the good people of Twitter were incredibly entertained by Dan's story, but unbeknownst to him, the last person in the world he'd want to find out, his poor mother, had been following the entire saga without his knowledge.

"Oh you thought this was over?" he wrote. "I've just been downstairs all MERRY CHRISTMAS FAMILY WOOO and my mum is glaring at me because when I was a [blogger] she turned tweet notifications on and now she wants to know whose home I unintentionally wrecked xx"

But the cheating husband didn't take Dan's no for an answer and repeatedly hounded the poor guy with #HelloPleaseReply.

While most might have blocked him at this point, sometimes, you just keep a crazy around long enough to see what they will do next and that's exactly what Dan decided to do. Although, I'm pretty sure that even he didn't expect him to hit rock bottom and keep digging...

It was at this point that Dan finally asked the man why he had never told him that he had a wife and children. His answer? A simple: "I forgot".

But this saga isn't over yet, and it turns out that poor Dan came to face to face with the cheating scumbag at his neighbor's party later that evening.

While there, in a now-deleted video, he explained that he would tell the man's wife sensitively if he had to.

In a final update, Dan revealed that the next day, he received this absolute corker of a message and finally blocked his ex-lover, telling his followers that in 2020, he would "use that 20 20 vision to see through trash men."

On behalf of everyone here, Dan, we sincerely hope that you find your Mr. Right soon.