Guy receives wrong number text from someone who thinks he's his crush and things escalate real quick

Guy receives wrong number text from someone who thinks he's his crush and things escalate real quick

Sending a text to the wrong number can be incredibly embarrassing, but it happens to pretty much all of us at some point or another. Usually, it's just some woman named Karen trying to find out whether her niece can make it to her daughter's housewarming party, and you can let them down easy with a delicate "who dis?"

Well, maybe there's a nicer way to explain to them they've mistaken you for someone else, but it's definitely important you let them know. If someone ends up sending you texts about their personal life, things can get pretty awkward very fast - so it's best to be as direct and up front about the mishap as you can. But what can you do when the person on the other line simply refuses to accept that they've got it wrong?

A Reddit thread posted this week by user 'Th3GreenMan56' has gone viral, after the Redditor in question revealed a peculiar conversation he had with a complete stranger over a series of text messages. Titled, "Wrong number texted me last night. Thought it belonged here," it starts off like many of these wrong number convos do - with a "who's this?" from the confused recipient of the message.

Then it becomes clear that this man is here for a woman named Shannon, and he's taking a cringey and weird path to asking her out. He acts as if Shannon is just pretending not to know him (surely that would be a signal to stop anyway?), then immediately nosedives the conversation, going straight into implications of sex. What a charmer!

"Brandon you have the wrong number," the real man on the other side of the conversation responded. "I'm not a woman, I literally have a mustache". You can't possibly make it any clearer, can you?

Well, apparently even that didn't work - as the mustached texter found himself receiving the dreaded dick pic that women often receive with a sigh and a roll of the eyes.

That's when he decided, with no other option, to send a selfie over of his face - mustache and all.

Somehow, even this wasn't enough to break through the blind one-track mind of whoever this dick-pic-sending fiend is on the other end of the conversation.

The commenters on the post found the whole thing hilarious, obviously.

"The "no" actually made me laugh quite a bit, like how much denial can you even have?" said one user, while another rightly commented that "Your expression makes this exchange exponentially better." Asking the question we should all be asking, another Redditor said:

"Could someone explain where this idea of showing your d*ck is somehow supposed to get you girls? You wouldn't do it in real life so why pretend to be doing it all?"

He's got a point here. If your plan is to make sure someone never speaks to you again and takes all romantic options off the table, sending a d*ck pic might be a good idea. But you might just find a mustachioed Redditor on the other end.