Guy reveals brilliant story of what happened when his dad bought an old wooden case at a boot sale

Guy reveals brilliant story of what happened when his dad bought an old wooden case at a boot sale

Sunday mornings at the car boot sale are one of life's little pleasures. There you are, $20 in hand, ready to whittle someone down into giving you a $200 item for $15. Your fist is clenched, the money is crinkling as you and your sweaty palms approach them: "How much for the lamp, my good sir?" You ask, knowing full well that you're not going to stump up the asking price. "$50," they respond.


This man is an idiot. You know that and you begin your tirade of figures and decimals. "I'll give you $5." You're verbally mocking him - "$7?" - playing him in your hands like putty - "$9?" - he's shocked, but is also giving away the signs that he can be haggled. "I'm joking, bud. $15?" The man agrees - you made him feel worthless and then upped your offer. You walk away proud and with $5 left. What do you buy now? Well, a random battered box, of course.

Car boot sales are the best. They are a treasure trove of artefacts and bargains. And, as this story reveals, they can behold incredible stories.

When Scott Pack's dad went to his local car boot, he found himself drawn to a battered old box. Seeing as boxes are meant to be opened, he took a peek inside and was shocked by what he discovered.

Inside the box, there was a load of old glass photographic plates. The photos were negatives and when Scott's dad held them up to the light, they resembled something from a horror movie.

However, using a bit of technology, Scott's dad turned each negative image into a positive and, suddenly, a family history unfolded itself in front of his very eyes... and phone.

Inside the box, there was a list that had been glued to the lid. All of the text was in English but Scott and his family get the feeling that some of the photos were taken in France. Going off these clues, they decided that the family were likely quite well off and these were some of their holiday photos. Using the power of social media, Scott asked if anyone could tell him any more about these people and their beautiful photos.

Given the mystery and intrigue, the post quickly went viral on Twitter, receiving over 3,000 retweets and 6,000 likes. Sadly, no more information has been discovered about the family but, given the way that social media works, they will no doubt be identified soon.

Hopefully, Scott and his dad can find out more about who these people are and what their backstory is. For now, however, we will have to continue playing the guessing game. Although, according to Scott, his dad is absolutely loving the new attention, so at least that's a plus point.

You never know what you'll discover at a car boot sale!