Hair colourist creates looks inspired by nature and they're stunning

Hair colourist creates looks inspired by nature and they're stunning

The past year or so has seen a great many new creative and wonderful hair trends being born on Instagram. Back in August, we heard news of the Chocolate Lilac hair trend, which looks absolutely stunning as demonstrated here:

We've also seen - and I have to say, I definitely didn't see this one coming myself - the return of the bowl cut, seemingly largely thanks to Charlize Theron, who, to be fair, looks absolutely awesome with it.

And who could forget the emergence of the 'Milk Tea' hair trend, which came to prominence back in July, with the dye colour apparently becoming particularly popular in Asia.

But one hair colourist is taking things to a whole new level with her stunning styles, which are inspired by nature.

Ursula Goff is a hair colourist based in Kansas, according to Ranker.

Back in 2017, she was quoted by Cosmopolitan as saying;

"I see things all the time that I'd love to do, so I set [inspiration pictures] aside until I have a good opportunity to utilize them.

This video explains how to embrace your grey hair:

Speaking of this classic rainbow design, Goff said;

"This [rainbow] look developed from an idea I got while flying home from a trip — as I watched the sunset over the clouds from my window seat, I began formulating an idea that consisted of smoky-colored clouds combined with brighter sunset shades. I actually took photos and sent them to [my client] as soon as my plane landed."

Check out more of her stunning designs right here:

You can find out more about Ursula Goff's work right here on Instagram, or by visiting her website.