392lbs woman makes $12k a year eating on camera and says she's "never felt sexier"

392lbs woman makes $12k a year eating on camera and says she's "never felt sexier"

An obese woman from Nashville, Tennessee, has opened up about how she makes more than $12,000 a year as a webcam model.

The model, who goes by the name ''Hazel'', is a self-professed ''Feedee'' - someone who satisfies the sexual desires of those with a fetish for overweight people by gorging on camera. Taking requests from her many followers - some of whom pay her for her bespoke content - Hazel once ate more than 10,000 calories in one sitting.

An image of Hazel. Credit: Press Association

The 392lbs stone office administrator first got into her part-time pornographic work back in 2014, after she spoke to a colleague who was making similar content. Hazel, who had been bullied throughout school because of her weight, was intrigued by the idea, and decided to upload some erotic pictures of herself to social media.

What she didn't expect was the amount of attention her curves ended up receiving. Now, Hazel boasts approximately 19,000 followers across social media. Not only that, but her weight has increased to meet the demands of her fanbase: she's gained 20lb in the last three months. Yet Hazel says that she's never felt more comfortable in her own skin.

An image of Hazel. Credit: Press Association

Commenting on her newfound career in a recent interview, Hazel stated: "I have always been a big girl. Being from small-town Tennessee I never had a boyfriend, I got picked on for being the fattest girl in school and I had a lot of depression and anxiety ... But now I’m happy in my skin, I’ve come to terms with it and why not feel sexy doing it? It’s female empowerment for sure."

She explained: "I am part of a community of feedees and body-positive campaigners online. We all support each other. The community is really open and has helped me come to terms with loving myself and to realise I’m very sexy and it’s okay to be fat and sexy. My boyfriend, who I have been with for a year, is very supportive. He is not a feedee or a feeder himself, but he finds it a turn-on to know that there are other people out there who want me."

An image of Hazel. Credit: Press Association

Hazel gets some esoteric requests from her fans, who like to watch her eat junk food, describe how bloated she feels, or jiggle her belly on camera. Hazel typically charges $5 a minute per video, with some subscribers accessing them via porn website BBW Royalty.

She once made $360 (£295) for an hour-long video of her playing with her belly and talking about her weight. In a typical month, she makes a minimum of $400 (£330) but it can be more than $1,000 (£800) - so around $12,000 (£9,870) a year.

Hazel states: "Some fans ask me to eat certain foods. Others do not want me to video myself eating, they just want me to talk about it, how good it feels to eat, how I could probably eat 10 times more and how full I feel. They really do love that. There are no typical foods, they just like to see me enjoying it."

"They like me to eat my favourite things like cheesecake and sweets and pizza. They like to see how many pizzas I can eat. The most I’ve managed is two and a half large pizzas in one sitting."

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Hazel continued: "Primarily because of my body shape I get a lot of belly requests, a lot of grabbing and slapping and tugging. That’s mainly what I do - show off my body and my curves ... People would say they like the shape of my belly. Some ask me to wear tight clothes to show it off while I’m eating. I get requests to get stuck like in a doorway, or to try to fit into a small place. Some people even donate money to buy food for me to eat on camera. They love to hear about how nice the food is and how bloated I feel."

She added: "My immediate family are not really aware of what I do. They still see me as that good girl who went to college, but my significant other and my girlfriends cheer me on. They say it is fat girl season and I should be myself. They even come over and do my hair and make-up to get me ready for my videos. I do get typical ‘you’re fat’ comments from trolls online but I just ignore them."

An image of Hazel. Credit: Press Association

But Hazel has not always been this way. In her early twenties, when married to her ex-husband, she went to desperate and extreme lengths to lose weight so she could start a family. Her ex even convinced her to go through gastric band surgery. Yet Hazel says that her love of food kept her from going through with the procedure.

Hazel stated: "I remember one day going to the Krispy Kreme drive-thru and I was crying as I realised that if I had this surgery I would never be able to eat another doughnut. I knew I would rather be big and happy. I do not worry about my health. I go to the doctor regularly, I do not have diabetes and my blood pressure is fine. There are plenty of skinny people who are in worse health than me.

"I am a foodie and have been all my life. Food is my best friend and I love to indulge. Now I get to be sexy and indulge at the same time which are two of my favourite things. Although I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I want people to know you can still be big, sexy and beautiful."

An image of Hazel. Credit: Press Association

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