5 Easy ways to get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables

5 Easy ways to get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables

Five a day. When you put in terms of a snappy marketing buzzword phrase, it certainly sounds pretty achievable, but in practice, I often find that it's really difficult to eat five separate portions of fruits and vegetables. Eating five bananas in one sitting is sometimes feasible if I'm coming home after a jog or just really depressed, but apart from that, I can usually only get two or three portions in, even when I'm trying.

Luckily, for anyone like me who's a little bit vegetable-averse, nutritionist Rosie Mansfield is an expert at thinking up interesting ways to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your daily life, without you having to go vegan or resort to a salad for dinner. Let's look at five easy ways to get your five a day!

1. Sneak them into a pizza

Ah, pizza. Is there anything you can't do? Cheesy, versatile and unfailingly delicious, the only reason I don't eat pizza for every meal every day is that it's super expensive. Turns out, there's also a way to make your pizza contribute to your five a day plans! Improve your pizza's nutritional profile by adding some veg in the tomato sauce base, improving your toppings with some spinach, peppers and kale, or if you're feeling extra sneaky, why not swap out the dough base for a pumpkin-based one?

2. Omelettes are also an eggs-cellent alternative

While people are quick to praise the poached, fried or scrambled variety, I think that the omelette is secretly the best way to cook an egg out there. Not only do you get all that delicious eggy goodness, but with some creativity and a steady spatula hand, you can add all sorts of things that'll make the experience even better. Maybe dice some mushrooms and stick them in there. More peppers, anyone? The list of vegetables you can add to an omelette is literally eggs-hausting.

3. Spiralising

If you're one of those people who's on top of your food terms, you probably already know what I'm talking about. But for the uninitiated among you, spiralising is just a fancy way of turning your vegetables into 'noodles' or 'spaghetti' for a nice, light alternative to pasta or noodles. Most regularly used with zucchini, you can also get a decent spiral out of carrot, parsnips or even apples. How cool is that?

4. Chips

So, so delicious, but also so, so bad for you. After a night out or when you're looking for a succulent starchy snack, a nice batch of thick chips can rescue even the worst of days, but after too many instances of indulgence, your waistline will begin to suffer. So instead of cutting them out of your life completely, why not try cutting your chips out of something other than potato? Sweet potato is the obvious candidate here, but beetroots, carrots and parsnips aren't too bad either.

5. Juice your problems away

Ah, the old tried and tested. Juicing is one of the staples of healthy dieting, but one of the easiest ways to get your five a day is to put all five of your portions in a blender, and just drink the resulting mush. Simple, right? Just make sure you get the right mix of fruits so it doesn't taste completely gross - that's going to need a bit of experimentation on your part.

Well, there you go guys! So simple are these five steps toward getting your five a day, not only could you incorporate one or two into your daily activities... it might not be too hard to do all five at once! All the same, though, do whatever's comfortable to you, but either way: I don't think it'll be too long before you get all of your five a day.