Arnold Schwarzenegger goes full Beast Mode while training at the age of 71

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes full Beast Mode while training at the age of 71

Ah, Arnold Schwarzenegger, what's not to like? Back in the 80s and early 90s, before the superhero film deluge changed film forever, this giant Austrian man was the biggest movie star in the world.

Making his name in the 1984 sci-fi horror movie The Terminator, Schwarzenegger started his career insanely muscular, firing off pun-filled one-liners in a wild Austrian accent, blowin' stuff up... and occasionally punching a camel or a reindeer.

Ever since the universally-reviled Batman & Robin, however, he has slowly faded into the background of the movie scene, amidst a stint as the Governor of California. Barring a couple of forgettable appearances in The Expendables and Terminator sequels, you'd be hard pressed to find him in a movie scene nowadays.

Everybody gets old, folks, even if they did play the relentless cyborg the Terminator in several movies, and would you believe it - Arnold Schwarzenegger is now 71 years old. But while he's now focusing on political issues, he's lost none of his incredible brawn - as he's emphatically demonstrated in this video compilation.

Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger, still crushing it in his 70s:

Before appearing in 1982's Conan the Barbarian, Schwarzenegger made his name as a bodybuilder, of course, winning his first Mr Universe title at age 20 and clinching seven Mr Olympia titles since.

Schwarzenegger was elected the 38th Governor of California in 2003, where he served for eight years until the year 2011. Now, having taken some time to discuss political issues such as gerrymandering, the actor is set to return to the Terminator series next to Linda Hamilton - who played Sarah Connor in the original Terminator film.

It remains to be seen if Schwarzenegger will need to pull off the same physical feats in this new film, but judging from his weightlifting skills, he should have no problem doing that.