Asda is now selling watermelon flavor gin

Asda is now selling watermelon flavor gin

As the summer approaches and the temperatures soar, now's a better time than ever to switch to gin. Yes, the spirit has recently experienced a massive resurgence in popularity, and more and more people are learning to appreciate this delightful beverage.

Which is why this latest offer should come as good news to gin drinkers. It appears as though the British retail giant Asda is now selling watermelon flavoured gin just in time for the summer this year.

The new gins, which come from the Verano brand, have already hit the shelves at Asda supermarkets across the United Kingdom, on sale at £20 each for a  70cl bottle.

As well the watermelon-flavour, they've also unveiled a brand-spanking-new lemon variety, which the product listing on Asda's official website describes as: "a revitalising and zingy blend of Spanish lemons infused with lemon peel to create a zesty citrus flavour."

Verano (which literally means "summer" in Spanish), is meant to represent the relaxed and siesta-loving culture of mainland Spain and the flavours of the Mediterranean sea.

But this isn't the only gin-related offer we've seen from Asda lately. They're also set to release even more flavours, including Parma Violet and Pear Drop.