Bodybuilding gran who can lift her own weight reveals the impact she has on men

Bodybuilding gran who can lift her own weight reveals the impact she has on men

When it comes to bodybuilders, archaic values tend to dictate that their bulging muscles and rippling physiques belong to strapping men. But the fact of the matter is that the bodybuilding community is for women too, and what's more is that it comprises people of all ages. For instance; meet 68-year-old weightlifter and granny Angela Graham. Angela, who lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, now boasts a loyal following of admirers on social media for her incredible fitness goals. Yet recently, the bench-pressing nan opened up about some of the NSFW requests and messages she gets from thirsty men who fetishise her stature.

In a recent interview she stated: "I tend to find that the guys who are attracted to me, who follow me on Facebook, are the ones that want dominating.  Silly little weedy men asking me, ‘Could you lift me? Could you pin me down? Would you wrestle me? What do your biceps measure?' I think they’ve got some kind of personality problem. But I’m always polite, because I work in mental health and know there are a lot of people who live miserable existences and are not very well. I think they look at me and see me as a goddess. And a kind word from me, if it makes their day, means I’ve achieved something."

Angela was first drawn to the idea of becoming a professional bodybuilder way back in the 1970s. Back then, she was a petite glamour model, who had appeared topless in newspapers and daily newspaper and been a pin-up girl for a number of military regiments. But then, a man she was dating was reading a magazine called "Muscle and Fitness" which featured female bodybuilder Lisa Lyon. This inspired Angela to start working out herself, and when her date scoffed at her bodybuilding ambitions, it only incited her to shoot for the stars.

However, despite her pride in her own appearance, Angela admits that getting ripped hasn't had a completely positive impact on her love life, stating: "I think men are strange creatures. Men stare, but I’m very seldom asked out, because I think, fundamentally, they find my physique intimidating. I once asked some guys at the gym, just as a matter of curiosity, whether, if they saw me in a nightclub, they would come up and ask me out. They said, ‘Hell no! Because you look intimidating and you’re very confident.'"

Despite that however, Angela has stuck with her workouts, and intends to live her life her own way. "I still train for about an hour and a half most days, and I do it because it pleases me," she stated. "My attitude has always been, ‘If you don’t like the way I look, look away; if you don’t like the person I am, walk away ... I’ll keep going as long as I’ve got a pulse and can walk."

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