Cardiologists warn vaping is so addictive and dangerous it should be banned

Cardiologists warn vaping is so addictive and dangerous it should be banned

Cardiologists are warning the general public that E-cigarettes are so dangerous and addictive that governments should consider banning them, and new research suggests that an entire generation risks being hooked on nicotine through them.

Professor Thomas Münzel, a researcher from the Department of Cardiology of the University Medical Centre Mainz in Mainz, has recently examined the effect of vaping on the blood flow and cardiovascular system and discovered some worrying findings.

This North Texas teen believes he was actually hospitalized as a result of vaping: 

Münzel examined the arteries in the upper arm in 20 smokers before they vaped, and then analyzed the blood flow 15 minutes later.

Münzel found that one vaping for just a few minutes increased the heart rate of vape-users, and caused the arteries to stiffen. This seems to suggest that vaping oil is damaging endothelium - the inner lining of the arteries -  which protects the body from toxic substances. Damage to endothelium can disrupt the blood clotting processes and cause heart disease.

Commenting on his findings, Münzel stated: "Our data may indicate that e-cigarettes are not a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes, and their perceived 'safety' is not warranted."

An image of a woman vaping. Credit: PA Images

He continued: "In addition, we still have no experience about the health side effects of e-cigarettes arising from long-term use. The e-cigarette epidemic in the US and Europe, in particular among our youth, is causing a huge generation of nicotine-addicted people who are being endangered by encouragement to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes."

He added, "Research like ours should serve as a warning about their dangers, and aggressive steps should be taken to protect our children from health risks caused by e-cigarettes."

Indeed, a recent x-ray of a vaping teenager shocked doctors, when it was revealed that they had the lungs of a 70-year-old.