Creme Egg nails are the latest beauty trend for Easter

Creme Egg nails are the latest beauty trend for Easter

Over the years, we've seen plenty of unusual and wonderful beauty trends. We've had long, fake toenails, temporary nose jobs, crystal freckles, and even embracing their natural grey hair.

But now we might just have uncovered the strangest and oddest beauty trend ever seen on the internet, centering around a beloved brand of chocolate eggs.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about Creme Egg nails: a new type of nail design that is perfect for habitual nail-biters.

Recently, another beauty trend saw people attaching tiny hands and feet to their nails:

Based on the popular Cadbury's chocolate treat, now amateur and professional manicurists are attempting the delicious-looking confectionary.   There are three distinct looks: the wrapper foil look, the 3D creme egg design look, and the chrome look, and each one will make you crave chocolate for real.

According to Cadbury's official website, Creme Eggs are manufactured as two half-eggs synthesized from a chocolate-like substance that is subsequently formed into two half-shells, filled with white fondant, then topped with a 'yolk' of yellow fondant. The two halves are then joined together and cooled to set, before being removed from their molds and wrapped in their signature purple foil.

The Creme Egg is the best selling confectionery item between New Year's Day and Easter in the United Kingdom, and according to the manufacturer, the annual sales in excess of 200 million, and the brand is valued at a further £55 million. 

Not only that but Cadbury's official site notes that, according to their research, 53 per cent of people will bite off the top, lick out the goo and then eat the chocolate, while only 20 per cent of people just bite straight through the egg. Meanwhile, a further whilst 16 per cent of people use their finger to scoop out the creme: maybe creme egg nails will make that easier?