Dr. Pimple Popper removes a cyst from Logan Paul's back, with his girlfriend's help

Dr. Pimple Popper removes a cyst from Logan Paul's back, with his girlfriend's help

Are you a popaholic? No, that's not a fan of soda pop, or catchy singles on the radio. Popaholics are fans of watching pimples get popped, zits get zapped and cysts get squeezed. Seriously. The stomach-churning spot-bursting videos have racked up millions of views. According to a scientist, some people (you) find watching the videos 'therapeutic.' Meanwhile, others (me) find watching the videos disgusting. We'll have to agree to disagree. (But I'm right.)

Speaking of disgusting videos, Logan Paul. The charismatic vlogger sparked international outrage when he mocked a suicide victim in Japan. If you stumbled across a dead man swinging from a noose, you'd probably turn the video camera off and call the police. But Logan thought, "Let's get a selfie and do some improv!" After the incident, Logan apologized and tried to redeem himself. The vlogger has remained in the spotlight, fighting rival YouTuber KSI in a boxing match, and, now, getting a cyst removed from Dr. Pimple Popper.

Dr Pimple Popper - aka dermatologist Sandra Lee - is the queen of quease, lacerating boils, zits, moles, cysts - you name it. Thanks to her visceral, vomit-inducing videos, she's got over four million subscribers on YouTube and her own TV show on The Learning Channel. Dr. Lee has extensive experience popping bloody, pus-oozing blemishes in the deepest, darkest, nastiest crevices of the human body. So, she's one of the few people perfectly equipped to deal with Logan Paul.

In the video, Logan visits Dr. Pimple Popper to remove a repulsive cyst from his back. Which is ironic, because Logan's YouTube channel is a repulsive cyst on the Internet - and apparently, that's not going anywhere. Before they get started with the main event, there's an opening act: A member of Logan's entourage gets a third nipple removed. The young capitalist then offers to sell the nipple on his merch website, and I don't know if he was joking.

Anyway, Dr. Lee preps the patient, and Logan's girlfriend, Chloe Bennett terminates the cyst. See, Chloe's the one who noticed the cyst on his back, and she even gave it a nickname: Jared. As she removes Jared, a surprising amount of clumpy pus oozes out. It kind of looks like goat cheese - and I really hope you're eating goat cheese right now. After the doctor cleans the blood out of the hole or whatever - I don't know, I was looking at the ceiling - the 23-year-old manchild is good to go.

Dr. Lee uploaded a video about the operation on her YouTube channel, if you'd like to watch the operation from a different angle. It's like Rashomon, but for popping pimples. I'm not sure why Logan  didn't just ask KSI to just punch the cyst off of his back, but yeah, this procedure was probably more efficient. In related news, I'm never writing a story about this subject again.