KSI and Logan Paul made an insane amount of money from their boxing match

KSI and Logan Paul made an insane amount of money from their boxing match

Last night, Logan Paul and KSI went head-to-head in an event that is being dubbed as the biggest event in internet history. The two YouTubers, who both hold millions of subscribers, faced off in a boxing match inside of a sold-out Manchester arena that was watched by millions online and around the globe.

The event, which has been months in the making, cost fans $10 to watch on the video sharing platform and roughly $100 for those who were inside of the stadium.

It all started back in February 2018 when KSI, who had just beat fellow YouTuber Joe Weller in a boxing match, decided to call out both the Paul brothers to come and fight him. Of course, at the time, Logan Paul was the source of many headlines due to his now infamous 'suicide forest' video and the brothers jumped at the chance.

Initially, KSI was pencilled to fight Logan's brother, Jake, but after negotiations between to two camps, it was agreed that Logan would fight KSI and Jake Paul would fight his younger brother, Deji.

The ensuing months saw diss-tracks, response videos and a whole load of trash-talking as both sets of brother prepared to face off in the ring. KSI and Logan, in particular, got extremely personal with one another, with KSI taking aim at Logan's girlfriend, as well as criticising the Paul family and, of course, that ill-thought 'suicide forest' video.

Then, on Saturday, the talk finally turned into action and the vloggers went at each other in front of  21,000 fans at the Manchester Arena, 800,000 viewers online, and 1.2 million who illegally streamed the fight. KSI and Logan Paul endured the entire six rounds of intense and brutal white-collar boxing, with both men looking visibly injured in the interviews after the fight.

Of course, money was one of the deciding factors in the event, with it being obvious that the fighters would pocket a tidy amount of dough. However, if reports are to be believed, the figure is much higher than anyone could have previously imagined.

As reported by The Mirror, the purse from the fight was shared 50/50 and although no official figures have been revealed, it's believed that the figure was somewhere around the £150 million ($192m) mark. Not only will the vloggers get money from the fight, but this money will also be added to the lucrative sponsorship deals that the pair signed in the build-up to the main event.

So, while Logan might've lost the $1m (£774,375) that he allegedly put on himself to win (confidence!), he'll be making a hell of a lot more than that in sponsorship deals and earnings from streamers and ticket sales.

It's crazy, isn't it? The world we're living in is bonkers. KSI and Logan Paul, two YouTubers, just made a similar amount of money to Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather when they went head-to-head in their boxing match last year. What a time to be alive.