Fit and healthy 24-year-old reveals why she’s painstakingly planned her own funeral

Fit and healthy 24-year-old reveals why she’s painstakingly planned her own funeral

There are some people who just need to plan everything out in advance.

Sure, it could be the most important social event of the year, like a birthday or a wedding, but it could be something as trivial as casual drinks or meeting up for coffee. Even a trip to the newsagents for bread and milk has to follow a strictly-efficient schedule, and if you're someone who prefers to improvise, it can be a little aggravating to hang out with someone who has the exact opposite mentality. Plus, there are always those who seem to take planning way, way too far.

Just take 24-year old Kitty Watson, a perfectly healthy young woman who, despite the fact that she has a life expectancy of around 83 years on this earth, is already planning her own funeral. Yes, when Kitty inevitably expires, she doesn't want to be caught short, and has already made meticulous arrangements for the event of her own death. It might sound pretty ridiculous at first, but when you examine her reasoning, her logic actually seems sound.

Kitty has always been unafraid to talk about death and mortality, and even finds it strange that people are willing to get excited about birthdays and graduations, but are unable to face the fact that they will one day die. When other friends would plan their wedding day, Kitty would fantasise about her perfect funeral service.

Kitty was also galvanised by the death of her grandmother Evelyn, who was an important figure in her life. Throughout her granny's funeral, Kitty couldn't help but wonder whether or not it was really what her grandmother would have wanted, and this convinced Kitty to make her own wishes as clear and unambiguous as possible.

In a recent interview discussing her decision to plan her funeral, Kitty stated:

"Death happens to everyone and we just need to come to terms with it. We all plan for every other milestone in our lives. I planned my 18th birthday and 21st birthday celebrations meticulously and lots of people know what they want for their wedding. Why not plan for your biggest, final party? I’ve always had a very open relationship with death and talking about it has never frightened me like it does other people."

She added:

"I remember in my early teens, I would write pretend wills, including instructions like, ‘My friend will get my favourite t-shirt. In Britain, we struggle to talk about death. I understand that no one wants to die, but, like being born,  it is inevitable, so you should make sure you are having the best send off. I really want to encourage people to talk about it more widely."

"I want my funeral to be something that’s really personal to me, so people walk in and it just reminds them of me. I also want to remove the stress from other people, by letting them know everything I want. Absolutely no way do I want the traditional floral tributes, spelling out words and I don’t want anyone to wear black. I want lots of colour and fun. I’ve chosen a song called, ‘Move On Up,’ by Curtis Mayfield, and, at the end of my funeral, I want the song to play alongside a video with ‘end credits’ – so it will say, ‘Kitty’s life, starring… ' with my mum’s name, my dad’s name etc."

Kitty's planning might seem a little morbid, but maybe she's got a point: death is the ultimate certainty in life, and it's coming for all of us. Maybe we should try to accept what's coming and make the best of it, rather than dodging the issue.