Guy who was 'clinically dead' for ten minutes reveals what he saw

Guy who was 'clinically dead' for ten minutes reveals what he saw

Since the dawn of time, humans have wondered if there is anything beyond this life.

Death is, after all, at the heart of everything we do. Without the knowledge that one day, we won't be around anymore, we wouldn't really be motivated to do anything.

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While followers of various religions believe that there is an afterlife, there is no scientific evidence of it - and there's likely to never be any. The closest we will ever get to an answer is the day when a person is brought back to life from the dead, something which we are getting closer to by the day.

But until then, there have been countless instances where people have been brought back from clinical death.

Their accounts of what it has been like have been varied, with some claiming to see a white light, and others, albeit in the minority, recounting out-of-body experiences, the Irish Times reports.

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Now, a 21-year-old man who has experienced clinical death for 10 minutes has opened up about what he saw on Reddit. The incident happened almost two years ago when he experienced a cardiac arrest on July 3, 2017.

The man, under the name Luongscrim, explained that he simply saw nothingness.

Pretty bleak, eh?

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He wrote:

"There were no God(s), spirit(s), deceased loved ones, memories, thoughts, not even blackness... Just nothingness.

"To say I experienced nothingness is an understatement, because it's like it didn't even happen. I was conscious one moment and the next I wasn't. Then I was conscious again.

"It's like several hours had passed that I wasn't even aware of."

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Luongscrim added that he was so disconnected from his own death that it seemed like it was a film:

"Like a cut is filmed, but it's not in the movie.

"And my death happened, but it was like it wasn't a part of me."

While you might assume that this would be enough to make anyone an atheist, surprisingly, the 21-year-old revealed that he's still open to the possibility of there being an afterlife.

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He wrote:

"I believe that maybe I just wasn't ready to experience or see the 'after life.' Or maybe that human brains are incapable of comprehending and experiencing what 'comes next.'

"Or maybe I believe that, because I have to, in order to go on with my life."

Ultimately, Luongscrim said that his near-death experience made him appreciate his life more:

"I am not completely certain if I am afraid of death or the thought that nothing comes after death. I think I just value life, appreciate, and am a lot more grateful."