'Human Ken Doll' has fake abs removed and put in his backside

'Human Ken Doll' has fake abs removed and put in his backside

Over the last few years, 36-year-old Rodrigo Alves has been on a quest to transform himself into the most beautiful version of himself. His seemingly unrelenting desire to change his look and go under the knife earned him the nickname, 'The Human Ken Doll'.

But earlier this year, Alves, of São Paulo, Brazil, revealed in an interview with the MailOnline that he didn't think his body could handle any more surgery. He made the following comments back in March after undergoing yet another surgery for the "perfect" chin:

"I hope that this was my last surgery my body just can’t take it anymore. I just can’t help the fact that I had an infection which deformed my chin. Yesterday was my first day out and about after having the OP on Saturday. My face is very swollen still, I am struggling to eat and to drink. Liquid just goes everywhere."

Will Alves' quest for the perfect body ever end?

(That being said, he also claimed to be done with plastic surgery "for a few years" after undergoing his 11th rhinoplasty a month prior.)

But here we are, less than eight months later, and Alves is back on our screens and undergoing what could be his most daring surgery to date.

Taking part in a German TV documentary, Roddy, the 36-year-old has undergone a procedure that has seen his infamous 'fake six-pack' removed and inserted into his backside - resulting in a peachier posterior.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Alves revealed: "Eight years ago I had a procedure done in Brazil called Abdominal Etching, which gives me the fake six-pack. As much as people thought that it was amazing I don't think that it passed on the right message since I didn’t work out for it I just paid for it.

"Also, the six-pack didn’t match the rest of my body and started to look a bit silly!"

His words, not mine. Recalling the procedure, Alves detailed just how his surgeon - Dr Serkan Balta - was able to sculpt a new butt: "In order to erase the six-pack, Dr Serkan Balta from Comfort Zone Istanbul performed a five-hour liposuction removing the six-pack and 3/5 liters worth of fat from my belly and back.

"I see all my plastic surgeries as an evolution of me as a person! I never wanted to look like a Ken Doll or to be a Ken Doll. I just wanted to be unique and to show the world that in life anything is possible.

"Also, I wanted to show people that we don’t have to live forever with a look that we were born with and feel unhappy about for the rest of our lives."

Rodrigo has even had some of his RIBS removed:

But now that the reality star is closer to 40 than 30, he is starting the reevaluate his life, and the many surgeries he has endured over the years. Alves - who underwent his first plastic surgery at the age of 17 -stated:

"At the age that I am now, 36, I see the world differently. I am still changing - not just aesthetically but inside."