Jacked fitness fanatic named 'Pale Zeus' claims to be the 'Strongest Albino Alive'

Jacked fitness fanatic named 'Pale Zeus' claims to be the 'Strongest Albino Alive'

Albinism is a condition which affects less than 200,000 people in the US, the National Institute of Health reports.

The genetic mutation results in a number of distinctive characteristics like white hair and poor vision. These are the result of the total absence or reduction of melanin, which can make sufferers particularly vulnerable to diseases like skin cancer.

One person with the condition, however, has gone on a mission to smash all stereotypes associated with albinism. Twenty-six-year-old Austin McGowan from Springfield, Illinois, became inspired to bulk up after seeing WWE Superstars as a kid, and he is now the self-proclaimed "strongest albino alive".

McGowan's evidence? Just take a look at the video below to see just how impressive his physique really is: 

While this, on the surface, is impressive, McGowan has claimed in an interview with Caters News that it's the result of him somehow being "related to the creator of this world":

"I believe with all my heart I am the strongest albino alive.

"I've been calling myself this for years, it's all over YouTube and Google etc, and no one has yet to challenge me but I would love to display my strength and dominance.

"My albino genetics definitely played a key role.

"When I started being able to do things like bench press 435lbs with no spotter, I became convinced my strength was God-given.

"I definitely believe I am related to the creator of this world.

Like many gym bunnies, McGowan first started lifting at a young age - when he was just 12 years old. He's been training since then and has said that his dedication to the gym has kept him in good physical and mental health.

"I never faced too many fitness-related challenges - I was a natural that started improving right away. I always had good grades and friends at school, but there were people that made me feel different and that made me insecure.

"My hobby has helped me become a mentally and physically strong individual. It has shown me discipline and patience.

"It has changed my appearance and the way I look at some aspects of life. But I consider myself different, because my look is refreshing and unique.

"For me, this is something I love doing - it's a lifestyle."

McGowan said that because he stood apart from the general population because of his albinism, he wants others with the condition to see that it is possible to do anything they put their minds too - even if it is becoming a 'Pale Zeus'.

"People with albinism typically have awful vision, with most of us legally blind.

"I think it's important for people like me with a disadvantage to tackle challenging obstacles to show people like us anything is possible."

You keep doing you, Pale Zeus. (Seriously, that's his Instagram name!)