Malibu just released 'Splash Coconut' beverages, so roll on the summer

Malibu just released 'Splash Coconut' beverages, so roll on the summer

It might seem like summer is a long way away, but in reality, it's a lot closer than you think. Winter is slowly but surely beginning to recede, and as the weather changes, so will our drinks preferences.

We'll all say bye-bye to spiced ciders, mulled wines, and hot toddies, and embrace something a little more fruity and a lot colder. I'm talking about the kind of tipples you'd expect to imbibe on a sunkissed beach in the Caribbean somewhere.

Sound appetizing? I thought so. So if the idea of something like that excites you, then I have some good news that'll make your day: the drinks company Malibu has just released a brand-new 'Splash cans' of canned rum that will really help you dial down the heat in the best possible way this summer.

This baseball fan downed her booze after the ball landed in her cup:

The new product comes in a variety of sparkling fruity flavors with a coconut base, including strawberry and coconut, lime and coconut, passionfruit and coconut, and pineapple and coconut. These 12-ounce slim cans are all malt-based, with a 5 per cent ABV.


Not only that, but you can also pick up and try each flavor individually (to see if it really is your thing) or you can purchase them as part of a special variety pack with two cans of each flavor.

It all sounds pretty cool, right? I'm certainly keen for the summer now. But this is far from the first time that we've written about an awesome new product that Malibu Rum's eggheads have managed to brew up.

Last year, they impressed up all with these incredible giant rum cocktail pouches, which were capable of holding an amazing 1.7 liters of booze per pouch.