Model covered in tattoos shows off her latest racy inking

Model covered in tattoos shows off her latest racy inking

There is hardly anyone on the planet who is 100 per cent satisfied with their physical appearance, but most of us will struggle on and try to find a way to accept our bodies for what they are. However, others will choose to undergo certain procedures in order to change their aesthetic.

Typically, women will opt for breast enlargement, butt implants or lip fillers, but there are a growing number of people who seek more unconventional procedures. These people will spend much of their life undergoing a range of extreme modifications to their body.

So what exactly is a body modification? Well, it's essentially anything you do to your body to massively change its natural appearance. Typically, these range from piercings and tattoos to implants and injections.

This woman spent £10k on body modifications which included getting eyeballs tattoos:

Instagram star Amber Luke has plenty of these. The blue-haired model, who describes herself as a ''Blue Eyed White Dragon'' as a nod to some of her more extreme body modifications, has shelled out a staggering $25,000 in order to change her appearance.

Amber has 130 tattoos, which include her blue tattooed eyeballs and the word 'savage' permanently inked underneath her eye. She also has a split in her tongue and stretched earlobes.

Yesterday, the bold 24-year-old unveiled one of her raciest inkings - a brand new butt tattoo consisting of dozens of petals. She posted a picture of the new tat to her Instagram, where she has 132k followers, and was met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

"I’m so obsessed with how gorgeous all your tatts are," one follower wrote. "You are stunning."

"Amber this is so cool," another added. "Love the intimate pieces. This suits you so much."

"Ouch! You’re so brave," added a third. "Mad respect to you girl."