Obese woman who was bullied over her weight now gets paid to eat on webcam

Obese woman who was bullied over her weight now gets paid to eat on webcam

A plus-sized woman who endured a lifetime of bullying because of her weight now earns money by eating on webcam.

Kenna Blake, who hails from Boston, has managed to make a career as a fetish model catering to 'feeders' - people with a sexual fetish for watching women gorge themselves, who consider her curvy body gorgeous. Kenna, who has been overweight since childhood, endured a lifetime of cruel teasing from her peers - which got so out of hand that she had to be homeschooled as a teenager.

However, when she joined the blogging/social media site Tumblr, she discovered that there was a whole community dedicated to body positivity and acceptance. What's more, she soon discovered that there were plenty of people who thought that big was beautiful. She decided to start eating for feeders on webcam and soon managed to turn this into a lucrative enterprise.

An image of Kenna Blake. Credit: Press Association

Kenna now charges $1 per minute for viewers to watch a standard video of her eating anything from watermelon to tacos, and a full $50 for the chance to watch her scoffing in the nude. Despite finding acceptance, Kenna is often still the victim of trolls - but she's learned to ignore their spiteful taunts.

Commenting on her newfound career in a recent interview, Kenna stated:

"My whole life, I have dealt with a backlash over my weight. At school, things got so bad that I dropped out after my freshman year, when I was 14, to be home-schooled. My confidence was in tatters, but feederism has rebuilt it. I’m so happy to have found a community where being big is accepted. I was told by my bullies I’d never amount to anything, yet here I am, with people paying to watch me eat."

An image of Kenna Blake. Credit: Press Association

She added:

"I’d never heard of feederism before, but I soon realised there is an entire community out there. Setting up my own page was just like starting a blog. I followed lots of other people, got some great tips and did my research ... I post around one standard video a week, as they take a while to edit properly. I try to make them at least four minutes long, but do post some shorter ones, which are cheaper. They are for those who do want to support me, but perhaps don’t have much money.

"While anyone can practise self-love at any age, I really want to point out that feederism is still a fetish,  so it’s for adults only and not something under 18s should be getting into ... Everybody is beautiful in their own way, and anybody who is mean and spiteful is just unhappy themselves, so don’t take what they say to heart. It takes time, friends, and a good support system, but you can get there and learn to love yourself."

Now that Kenna's confidence is at an all-time high, she's vowed to continue working in the fetish market and continue expanding her fanbase.