Sarah Hyland fires back after trolls ripped her for wearing 'two pairs of spanx' at the Oscars

Sarah Hyland fires back after trolls ripped her for wearing 'two pairs of spanx' at the Oscars

The reality of being a celebrity is probably far less glamorous than we imagine when we fantasise about a life among the rich and famous of Hollywood.

Sure, the trappings of fame sound nice in theory; the red carpet events, the chauffeur-driven cars, the endless riches, the exotic beach holidays. But consider another side of fame, and it quickly becomes clear that it's probably not the cake-walk we anticipate it to be.

Celebrities are subjected to the constant, never-ceasing glare that is the spotlight of public attention. This means that every move, every outfit choice, every Instagram caption, is dissected to a ridiculous degree.

We've all written a social media caption of which we're not completely proud, but imagine making that mistake in front of quite literally millions of people online. It doesn't bare thinking about, does it.

But some of Modern Family star Sarah Hyland's followers accused her of doing exactly that recently, after she posted a picture of herself looking absolutely stunning at the Vanity Far Oscars after-party.

Naturally, boyfriend Wells Adams agrees that she was looking particularly fierce that night:

However, it was another post about her look that night that provoked the ire of some in the comments section, and it was all to do with Hyland's caption. She wrote, "#funfact I’m wearing TWO pairs of spanx. Why diet? When you can just hide it!"

Unfortunately, some people took this as an opportunity to blast the Modern Family actress. One commenter accused Hyland of "toxic body shaming", and suggested that Spanx are unhealthy. And sadly, it didn't stop there:

Another comment on Instagram read;

"Says the girl who is sickly skinny and has done multiple posts about not being able to gain weight. What are your intentions with this post? Wrong."

Thankfully, some people seemed to understand the crux of what Hyland was trying to get at with her post.

Much to the relief of the Modern Family star.

Another Twitter user wrote;

"I'd need three - one for each transplant and I still likely wouldn't hide them. Occasionally wearing maternity tops is a small price to pay for living a healthy life off dialysis. P.S. Your photo is stunning. Thank you for all you do to elevate transplant discourse"

Another good example here of not jumping to conclusions on social media; so often the true message of what someone is trying to say gets lost in the crowd online, and it's great to see that, this time at least, some of Hyland's fans knew exactly what she was getting at.