Sports Illustrated model shows off her incredible figure after recovering from fall caused by seizure

Sports Illustrated model shows off her incredible figure after recovering from fall caused by seizure

To the untrained observer, being a professional model looks like a dream career. Being paid to strut up and down catwalks in London, New York, Paris and Milan - coupled with elaborate photoshoots in far-flung tropical locations - surely there is no downsize to being young, beautiful and very highly paid?

Well I'm sorry to all the jealous naysayers, but there are some very tangible downsides to being a gorgeous pinup - the main one being the intense pressure to always look perfect and well put together. Are you allowed to have days without a full face of makeup? Can you leave the house wearing simply your old gym gear? Not if the tabloids have anything to do with it you can't...

Spare a thought then for Sports Illustrated model Robyn Lawley, who has taken to Instagram to show her progress since a terrible seizure left her severely battered, bruised and scarred.

Back in August Robyn shared images of her face on Instagram in the immediate aftermath of a terrifying seizure which sent her sprawling two metres down stairs in her New York home. On top of the worrying nature of the seizure, Robyn suffered nasty abrasions to her forehead, lip and chin that needed extensive stitches.

Speaking to Harper's Bazaar Australia magazine in October, Robyn had this to say: "My lip was so big I could barely talk and I had so much pain, having lost my tooth, I couldn't eat or sleep."

But when it came to speaking about her scars from the incident, thankfully Robyn was very upbeat:

"I thought I didn't like my scars, but now I dig them... I think a chick with a scar is a badass." 

"Scars are cool. They tell a story," she confessed.

Despite the scars though, the 29-tear-old seems to be back to her glowing self after posting a stunning bikini photo on Instagram today. Cheekily captioned, "Interested to see if these hold up in the water ???" - Robyn's account was flooded with well-wishers, with one particular user called itshannabeth rightly pointing out, "It's so refreshing to see an unphotoshopped photo on Instagram. You look incredible ???".

Known for her enviable curves and starring in multiple Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issues, it's great to see Robyn looking happy and healthy after what was clearly a very uncomfortable ordeal. While many people will read Robyn's story and think nothing of it, the pressure for women in the public eye to look beautiful at all times is staggering. We are all people, and we all have insecurities - but props to Robyn for embracing her scars in the best way possible!