This 85-year-old man is taking the internet by storm with his diet Instagram account

This 85-year-old man is taking the internet by storm with his diet Instagram account

If you asked me to document my weight loss journey on an Instagram account, there would be three pictures of meal plans, healthy breakfasts and vague workout equipment before I gave up and posted seven photos, four videos and one unnecessarily long Instagram story of myself crying into an extra-large pepperoni pizza.

Losing weight and sticking to a diet is insanely hard at the best of times, and adding social media to the mix provides the kind of pressure that motivates some, but breaks others. David Cyril is one such weight-loss aficionado, and the 85-year-old is taking to this weight loss social media thing like a duck to water, blowing up the internet with his frankly adorable diet Instagram account.

Now usually, ladies and gentlemen, your average diet Instagram account is filled with boring-looking meals, a ton of body transformation pics and no small amount of self-aggrandising, but in comparison, David's weight loss journey is just so... wholesome. But why is an 85-year-old man documenting his weight loss on Instagram?

You see, David's been a member of the popular dieting group Slimming World for a hot minute, but while he initially got off to a storming start, he's slowly crept back up to his starting weight, and as a result, he took to Instagram to give himself the motivation he needs to shed the pounds.

"I have been a member of Slimming World for a good few years but after initially losing 2 stone, I have since crept back up to my start weight," explained David in his first-ever post on his account @davidcyril_sw. David, who hails from Lancashire, said that he was inspired by his daughter, who posted his picture on her own Slimming World account, where it decidedly blew up the internet.

From there, David Cyril has become a viral sensation. Starting his account just six weeks ago in late September, he's already racked up over 38,000 followers who follow his every meal, and it's fair to say that the extra attention has had the desired effect. In just a couple of months, he's already lost 13 pounds, according to his bio.

Even better, he's won the title of 'Mr Sleek 2018' at his local Slimming World group, which goes to the best dieter from that particular year. He last won the award back in 2015, so you could say that it was a return to form for good old David Cyril, who - update - is still so adorable. I want to give him a hug so badly.

Earlier this week, David reached 10,000 followers (he's obviously skyrocketed since then), and as the amazing man he is, he took to Instagram to personally thank all of the people who have helped him to achieve all of his dieting and weight loss goals.

"10,000 followers! Wow, I can’t thank you all enough for supporting me on my slimming world journey!" David Cyril said on his Instagram post, and if he carries on the way he is, he'll be well on the way to winning Mr Sleek in 2019 and beyond.

You can follow David's journey through the world of dieting here.