This game changing new ice cream is adding some magic to your post workout snack

This game changing new ice cream is adding some magic to your post workout snack

Picture this. You're at the gym, and you're having the workout of a lifetime. Weights, the treadmill, the rowing machine; all mere instruments in your orchestra of health and fitness, all perfectly in tune, all played to concerto quality. Work up a sweat. Take a bow. You crushed it.

But the thing about life is that it never stops. New challenges are always on the horizon. Your muscles are sore. You haven't seen your friends in ages and you're in desperate need of a catch up. Your boss is giving you such a hard time. Your kids won't eat their dinner unless they're promised ice cream for dessert.

How do you strike the perfect balance when life seems determined to knock you over? Seems impossible, right? Well with, Breyers Delights, the impossible becomes just a little bit more possible.

Breyers Delights is a delicious and revolutionary ice cream, perfect for when you're out with friends and you want to treat yourself to something sweet. Whether you're a habitual gym-goer, an advocate for health and wellness or a mum juggling various things in life, Breyers Delights is the best (some would say only) way to satisfy your decadent dessert cravings.

It's high in protein, but much lower in sugar content, meaning those days where you might feel guilty when you have ice cream on a random Tuesday are well behind you now.

Not only does Breyers Delights taste great in any of its fabulous flavours, but it contains only 290-350 calories per tub, meaning you can really treat yourself as part of a balanced diet, grabbing a scoop at home while hanging out with your friends. You can add something special to a work lunch, because you've had a hard day and you deserve it.

Breyers Delights is great not only post workout, but any time you want to unwind at the end of a long day - it's even great for munching on during Netflix marathons, or when you catch up on the latest Love Island episode. Its high protein content keeps you full, and gives you the energy you need to continue living your best life.

Breyers Delights tubs contain between 38 and 57% fewer calories than similar ice cream products, not to mention a whopping 45 to 60 % less sugar per 100g*. But let's not think of Breyers Delights as simply a 'lower calorie ice cream' or some kind of diet alternative: this stuff is so good, it just doesn't make sense to have anything else in your freezer.

Breyers Delights come in four fantastic flavours: cookies and cream, smooth vanilla, creamy chocolate and mint chip. All of them are made with fresh cream. If you ask me, though: having tried them all, cookies and cream is the stand-out, in my humble opinion.

Just imagine it: you're going through a breakup, but between watching Bridget Jones on repeat underneath the blankets and heading to the gym to craft that Revenge Body, you can chow down on the same snack without anything added to your guilt, or your waistline. What's not to like?

Life comes at you pretty fast, and in these hot summer months when all you want to do is lie around and soak up the rays, Breyers Delights is a reminder that sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? Get them at all major retailers!

*Market comparison in October 2017, using Nielsen data pull. This included products sold in 500ml Tub format. MAT data used, UK Total Coverage.