Tradesman hospitalized after getting genitals caught in belt sander

Tradesman hospitalized after getting genitals caught in belt sander

Every single job comes with its fair share of risks and dangers. Hell, even as a writer, I'm at a higher risk of developing a slower metabolism and weaker bones. (I didn't actually know that until I researched it for this article, so I'm definitely putting 'Standing Desks' in the suggestion box on Monday.)

However, as you'd imagine, some jobs carry a greater risk than others. Now we all know about firefighters, police officers, deep-sea fisherman, and ice road truckers - but what about the day-to-day tradesmen? Yes, a man or woman skilled with their tools will seldom succumb to injury, but for one young man in Australia, he may have to resign from the worksite for good.

Check out the news report on the incident below:

The Daily Mail has reported that an 18-year-old tradesman has been hospitalized after getting his pants and genitals caught in a belt sander - and you don't need to be a tradesman or even a man to appreciate just how much that must have hurt.

Emergency services were called to the unfortunate incident on Friday, at Mosman on Sydney's north shore. Two New South Wales Ambulance crews arrived at the scene in Orlando Avenue, along with Fire and Rescue NSW crews.

In another awful accident this week, a young boy was left with a spring impaled in his back after an accident on a trampoline:

The man was transported to the Royal North Shore Hospital in a stable condition, where he had the sander safely removed. An NSW Ambulance spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that the man suffered suspected lacerations to his genital region.

Credit: Twitter

Safework NSW - a government agency created to regulate and promote productive, healthy, and safe workplaces for workers and employers in New South Wales - are now investigating the incident.