Woman born with 19 toes and 12 fingers says locals think she's a witch

Woman born with 19 toes and 12 fingers says locals think she's a witch

It is a sad fact that when people are born with physical differences they still face prejudices from others - no matter where they are in the world. Now, a woman who was born with 19 toes and 12 fingers claims that she has been ousted from her local community as her neighbors believe she is a witch.

Kumar Nayak was born with a rare condition called polydactyly, which causes sufferers to have supernumerary digits on their hands or feet. Per Medical News Today, the extra fingers and/or toes can occur on one or both hands or feet.

You can see Kumar's extraordinary condition in the video below:

Unable to pay for treatment, the 63-year-old says she has had no choice but to live her life with the condition, which has left her a social outcast in her hometown of Ganjam, Odisha, in India.

Kumar claims her additional fingers and toes have caused her neighbors to believe she is a witch and abuse her. As a result, she cannot go out in public.

Fortunately, however, one of Kumar's neighbors is more understanding towards her, and understands it is an untreatable medical condition.

On the subject of fingers and toes, the actor in the video below had his toes chopped off and stitched onto his hand. However, rather than shy away, actor Richard Stott says his disability has helped him earn roles in the industry.

Check out Richard's incredible hands and feet below:

Stott was born with the rare birth defect known as Poland Syndrome, which causes webbing and deformity of the fingers.

To date, Richard has undergone 15 operations,  the biggest of which saw the second toe on each foot removed and grafted to his left hand when he was 11. But rather than becoming withdrawn, 28-year-old Richard has embraced it, and is now using it to his advantage to get niche roles.