Woman paid $19,500 for surgery so she could have 'Ariana Grande' dimples

Woman paid $19,500 for surgery so she could have 'Ariana Grande' dimples

As our fascination with the world's rich and famous continues to grow, so too - it would seem - does our appetite to look as much like them as possible.

We've seen individuals prepared to undergo surgical procedures in a bid to look like Kim Kardashian, and celebrities' power to inform and influence fashion and beauty trends has arguably never been stronger, thanks to the irresistible force that is Instagram.

For Jo Martin, 49, who hails from Mirfield in West Yorkshire, the desire was to achieve cute dimples in her cheeks, much like world-famous pop star Ariana Grande.

Jo says she has always been happy with the way she looks, she merely wanted dimples in her cheeks. And she's certainly pleased with the results of the procedure she underwent to achieve her wish;

“I wasn’t unhappy about my looks, I just wanted dimples.”

“I’m so pleased with how they look now and I think it has really softened my smile.

“I’ve had nothing but positive comments. People really notice that there is something different about my face. I think it’s money well spent.”

The procedure Jo underwent is known as dimpleplasty - for obvious reasons. It works by making a hole in the cheek, before a stitch is pulled through. Says Jo;

“I just think dimples are really sweet. They make a smile.

“I always wanted them and it always caught my eye when I saw other people with little dimples. I would look in the mirror and put my fingers in my face to create little dents.”

The decision to have surgery, though, was certainly not taken lightly, as she explains;

“I have never had surgery before. People do say I look young for my age, so I have never needed to, but this is something I just thought would look nice.

“I took a long time to think about it and researched before booking it at the Medical Arts for Cosmetic Surgery in London in April 2018.

“The surgeon there, Shailesh Vadodaria, has been doing these procedures for about a decade, so I felt like he was very experienced.”

“I got in touch with them and they were very nice and extremely helpful, so it felt like the right decision to go with them,” 

“I was getting married in May to my partner, who I do not wish to name, so I wanted to have it done before then.”

Unfortunately, after the first procedure, the dents did not stay in place, and so Jo underwent the procedure for a second time;

“It just hadn’t taken, which is nothing to do with the surgery. It just depends on the type of tissue and, obviously, each person is different.

“I had it down again about seven weeks later and it was really straight forward but, once more, the results weren’t quite perfect, so in the end, I went for a third time about seven weeks after that.”

“It was third time lucky, because it turned out perfect. I have lovely little indents and both the surgeon and I are really happy.”

Now, Jo says she is showered in compliments over her new smile, and says she would consider getting surgery in the future, "I think that if my eyelids start to drop, I would have those lifted,” she said.

It seems that Jo has had a positive experience, and is ecstatic about finally achieving the smile she's always wanted.