Woman reveals her humiliation over waitress' upsetting comment on her restaurant bill

Woman reveals her humiliation over waitress' upsetting comment on her restaurant bill

As Loverboy so cogently summarised, everybody's working for the weekend.

We co-exist in a system that allows us to do the things we really enjoy - sleeping, eating out, watching Netflix - only once the rigours of the working week are through, and there's good reason for this; not least the economic apocalypse that any alternative would likely engender.

It is rather grating, though, isn't it; sitting at your desk, hour after interminable hour, staring at spreadsheets with a sort of misty eyed longing of imagined adventures you could be undertaking instead. Perhaps you'd cast yourself - as I often do - as a heroic figure in some time of trouble, saving damsels in distress with a roguish wink and swashbuckling charm. But anyway, back to the spreadsheets...

The fact is that most of us are duty bound to work simply to be able to make rent, buy food to keep us alive and to put clothes on our back. When the weekend finally comes around, then, it should be an opportunity to let loose, perhaps spend a little more than you should, and forget about the working week for two short days of blissful serenity.

On such occasions, you might decide to eat out with some friends or you partner and enjoy the relaxation of not having to panic as you attempt to cook fajitas and end up charring the ceiling with black soot. Again. Just me? Oh.

Sadly, for one woman, her decision to eat out didn't culminate in the relaxing evening of stimulating conversation and friendly banter that she was presumably hoping for, after a waitress' ill-advised comment on the bill at the end of the meal lead to Billie Geena becoming rather upset.

Geena explains that she has had anxiety about eating out for a meal due suffering from IBS for about a year - a diagnosis that has lead her to follow a strict diet in a bid to avoid flare ups. As she explains to The Sun newspaper;

"The food was lovely and the service had been excellent.

"I’ve only been on this stricter diet for less than a year and it’s been difficult adjusting. I suffer really bad with IBS and about a year ago I had to follow a Low Fodmap diet to find out what causes my flare-ups to be worse.

"I found that onions, garlic, milk and all sorts of different foods that are triggers for me to be ill.

"What happened brought back all the anxiety I’d had about going out for meals, and it’s really not on."

"What happened" transpired to be that the waitress had left a comment on the bill - "no onion no garlic no milk haha" - a comment that Geena writes on Twitter brought about her biggest anxiety about eating;

"I don't choose to be picky, I have to have a very restricted diet or else I am violently ill. If I could eat it, I would."

Speaking for the restaurant in question, Khalid Wani told The Sun;

"I apologised personally and spoke to the member of staff, who was given a verbal warning.

"Nobody should make fun of people with food allergies or intolerances.

"I’m satisfied it was not the waitress’s intention to make fun of the customer but regardless of her intention this should never have appeared on the bill.

"We always try to give our customers as good an experience as possible and fulfil all their needs, and I’m very sorry about what happened on this occasion."

Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder to all of us that food allergies and intolerances can prove extremely difficult to manage and upsetting for those who are forced to live with them.