Woman who didn't leave bed for three years loses 596 lbs

Woman who didn't leave bed for three years loses 596 lbs

A formerly morbidly-obese woman, who once weighed 751lbs (53.6 stone), could not walk on her own in more than 13 years and hadn't left her bed in three years.

Check out this video of Milla Clark talking about her weight loss below: 

Milia Clark, who hails from Tennesee, became dependent on her kids to care for her - needing them to bathe her and manage her chronic pain. However, she's now managed to lose an incredible amount of weight and looks completely different.

Commenting on her situation in a 2017 interview with British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail, Clark stated: "Every single day of my life is miserable. I have been trapped in these four walls for more than two years. During that time, I have not stood one time. All I can do is eat and sleep ... It is such a humiliating thing. Children ... shouldn't have to take care of their parents."

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She consulted the weight loss expert Dr Younan Nowzaradan, who ensured that her children met with a dietician, so they could manage her eating addiction when she was sent home. She managed to lose 100 lbs on her own, after which point she was eligible for surgery on the lymphedema. Doctors operated on her to remover her lymphedema, and she's now able to stand on her own with the help of crutches. She then reportedly underwent weight loss surgery, and after she dropped below the 200 lb mark had both knees replaced.

Milia really is an inspiration, and it's incredible that she's managed to take back control of her life.