Woman who said swimsuit left her privates 'hanging out' discovers it was on upside down

Woman who said swimsuit left her privates 'hanging out' discovers it was on upside down

There are few experiences in life more embarrassing than an accidental wardrobe malfunction. Yeah, there's nothing worse than realising that you've been wearing your t-shirt inside out for several hours, or have neglected to zip up your fly for the duration of the afternoon after going to the bathroom. Maybe you've even got a hole in the seat of your pants, and have been inadvertently flashing your underwear at all and sundry.

One person who knows just how mortifying a public wardrobe malfunction can be is 20-year-old Glaswegian Lyndsey Brown, who was left feeling a little sheepish after she made a complaint to a retailer she'd purchased a bikini from about their swimsuit, only to realise that she'd been wearing it upside-down.

Lindsay and a few of her other friends from Scotland had gone on a girl's vacation to that most popular of retreats spots: Ibiza. Lindsay had purchased a stylish-looking swimming costume from Pear Swimwear.

However, after trying it on upside down, she felt as though her genitals were exposed, and thought that this was an issue with its design.

She messaged Pear swimwear to complain, posting a screenshot of her modeling the garment to their Instagram account, and captioning the pic: "I wore that swimsuit today. And it’s stretchy like anything. I only wore it for a couple of hours."

She added: "My vagina was hanging out constantly. Is it meant to stretch like that? This is what it was like. It was so bad and embarrassing."

A spokesperson from the clothing company promptly replied: "I’ve had a look at the picture you have sent and believe you are wearing it upside down. ‘The thinnest part of the swimsuit will be the strap which sits across your shoulder. I hope this helps."

An embarrassed Lyndsay later posted an image of herself wearing the garment the right way up, and looking much better and happier.