Homeowner's 'disgusting' note to paramedics sparks fury on Twitter

Homeowner's 'disgusting' note to paramedics sparks fury on Twitter

The role that paramedics play in our society is invaluable. Providing life-saving treatment to patients in emergency situations involves taking action fast. Anyone can fall ill unexpectedly or hurt themselves in an accident so you'd think we'd all have a little understanding for the urgent nature of the job.

However, in light of an "abusive" note left by a furious homeowner in Hampshire, England, for a pair of paramedics, it appears that not everyone is so understanding.

On Wednesday, the official Twitter account for South Central Ambulance Service posted the note which read, "Dumbass! You are fully blocking my driveway."

The note was left for paramedics Zoe and Chris who found the note on their ambulance after responding to an emergency call for help.

"It’s not always possible to park without obstructing traffic flow or driveways as parking further away could add minutes to our arrival time that the patient simply doesn’t have,"  South Central Ambulance Service wrote. It then urged people not to abuse its staff.

A number of people have since taken to Twitter to respond to the note, shaming the homeowner for their lack of empathy.

"As you would know which driveway you’re temporarily parked across, I think this person should receive a strongly worded letter about not abusing nhs staff who are provided a life saving service," one person wrote. "What is wrong with some people?!"

"Let’s hope they do not require the Emergancy services. I’m sorry I was late I had to park the ambulance in a parking space," added another.

"Disgusting to see, very sad that some people do not appreciate that amazing work our clinicians do every day of the week. Zoe & Chris, thank you!!!" a third added.

South Central Ambulance Service’s governor Barry Lipscomb also chimed in on the discussion, writing:  "Happily, this sort of mindless carelessness is completely alien to the widely expressed deep appreciation for the skills and caring of our excellent ambulance crews. Only this week, I was grateful to have been treated by them myself - 5 star all round."