Introducing 12 of the worst face tattoos of all time

Introducing 12 of the worst face tattoos of all time

Getting a tattoo is a pretty big decision to make. Like, it's going to be there forever, and you better know for sure that you want to get one well before you book your visit to the parlour.

Many people know right away what kind of tattoos they want to get, whether it be a quirky little symbol on the wrist or ankle, a full sleeve with incredible artistic detailing, or a memorable signifier of a loved one or a special date. Tattoos can be beautiful, inspiring and just plain cool, but some of them... let's just say some of them are more regrettable - especially if you get a tattoo on your face.

If you're bold enough to do so, you'd hope it's something you're willing to show the world for the rest of your life. Because unlike other tattoos that can be hidden by long sleeves, facial tattoos stare people who are looking at you right in the face.

While there are some pretty cool face tattoos (I'm thinking of traditional Mauri tats or the intricate design by Czech professor and music composer Vladimír Franz who randomly once ran for president), not all of them are as aesthetically pleasing. Here are 12 face tattoos people may well have regretted...

1. You've gotta give it to him - that's an impressive moustache 2. Wouldn't keeping your kid's face as your phone background be enough? 3. This guy isn't clowning around 4. "It doubles as a chess board!" 5. Is it a helmet? Is it a hairline? 6. This looks WAY too real 7. Finished off with a tactical piercing too I see 8. Are those penises? In the shape of a butterfly? 9. I wonder under which circumstances this tattoo came about... 10. I see what you did here but... 11. Oh man, this poor guy 12. Nope, nope, nope

Well, I really wonder how many of these people still have these tattoos. At least for the ones who have their tattoos on the back of their head, a good crop of hair or a beanie would be able to obscure it. But those Ray-Ban glasses? Or the huge spider drawn from that dude's nose? Those are impossible to cover up.

But it's likely that these tattoos are just part of their identity, and that they're the type of people who like expressing themselves in ways that might shock others. In any case, it is possible to remove tattoos, though I can imagine it would be quite a long and painful process to remove a large tattoo that covers your whole face.

Kudos to them for the bravery in the first place. I certainly wouldn't be game!