Jameson is releasing a cold brew whiskey with alcohol and caffeine

Jameson is releasing a cold brew whiskey with alcohol and caffeine

Jameson is just a very dependable drinking partner, isn't it?

It's nice and smooth, goes down easy and - unlike some whiskeys - doesn't actively sting the roof of your mouth while you're drinking it.

Now, as we all know, 2019 was the year of the collaboration in the food and drink market. We had Grinch-inspired holiday cookies from Nestlé Toll House, a Harry Potter themed advent calendar from Aldi, Reese's peanut butter-stuffed donuts from Krispey Kreme and much more besides.

So how would 2020 respond to the mixing and matching of food and drink produce with each other?

This coffee machine went viral for sounding exactly like Britney Spears:

Well, naturally, by bringing you the news that Jameson is releasing a cold brew whiskey that features both alcohol and caffeine, with each serving containing the same amount of caffeine as a half-shot of espresso.

Sound like a heady combination of two naturally quite disparate elements?

Well, yes, it does to me as well, but the good folk over at Jameson reckon that it's a "natural next step" for the distiller:

"Because it has everything to do with taste and heritage," an announcement from the company reads. "Jameson is consistently working on developing innovative tastes and experiences to cater to new and existing drinkers. The bold taste of cold brew coffee flavor, paired with the smooth quality that Jameson is known for, creates a carefully crafted liquid that is too delicious to turn down. It’s a new spin on the classic pairing of Irish Whiskey and coffee."

Credit: Jameson

You can pre-order Jameson Cold Brew through ReserveBar.com for $37, and the bottle will be sent out for delivery as soon as it becomes available in your market. Alternatively, Thrillist reports that the bottle is anticipated to be hitting shelves in stores from early February, so there really isn't long at all to wait now.

It's being reported that Jameson Cold Brew will be a limited edition bottle, so once it hits shelves, don't expect it to hang around for too long.