Just 16 of the worst tattoos of all time

Just 16 of the worst tattoos of all time

When getting a tattoo, it's very important to remember that it's permanent. While it may seem funny to get something stupid, it will be on you for life - and a joke about your friend will get old in a few years time. However, sadly, some people don't heed this advice and get horrific tattoos.

Whether it's poor spelling or simply NSFW imagery, here are 17 of the worst tattoos to have ever been seen.

1. To be fair, I would get this

2. I don't think this guy had 20/20 vision when he thought of this

3. Is it? 

4. When you can't decide if you're a goth or a 4-year-old

5. This woman is the boss of crazy cat ladies

6. What a lovely tribute for gollum

7. I won't be sleeping tonight

8. Must be awkward when you meet the parents

9. Now, THIS is how you boost your chances of getting a job

10. It's true

11. Uncanny

12. OH, COME ON.

13. Why would you get the BACK of Hello Kitty's head tattooed on your face?

14. I wonder if he likes exreme sports?

15. Just in case you were wondering

16. My favourite song!

If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, please, please, PLEASE think about it before you get it done. Unfortunately, as these photos show, not enough people do.