Kellogg is dropping a new 'Extra Cheesy' Cheez-Its flavour

Kellogg is dropping a new 'Extra Cheesy' Cheez-Its flavour

Now that the build up to Christmas has been declared officially on by many major brands, we're getting word of more and more festive-themed products that have - or will soon be - hitting the shelves.

Aldi has already announced their plans for a giant two-metre long pig in blanket, a whole roast dinner in a giant Yorkshire pudding, and a candy cane gin liqueur that apparently tastes of vanilla and peppermint.

Meanwhile the Coca Cola company announced two new products for Fall and Christmas; Coca Cola Cinnamon and Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry.

Credit: Coca Cola Company

In short, you're going to be more than set for festive snacks this year to accompany the never-ending mound of presents you're going to have to wrap for your friends and family.

And now, you'll have another new product to enjoy - arguably the ultimate snacking treat - courtesy of Kellogs Cheez-Its.

That's right, Candy Hunting broke the news last night that following the success of the Cheez-Its Extra Toasty flavour, a new Cheez-Its Extra Cheesy version of the snack will become available this December.

This classic scene from Elf will get you in the festive spirit:

They wrote;

With the success of Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, Kellogg's is introducing new Extra Cheesy Cheez-Its this December! provided further insight on the product release, writing;

"The Cheez-It brand is introducing “extra cheesy” crackers in grocery and convenience stores in December. Cheez-It “extra toasty” crackers, which have become the brand’s third bestselling flavor, will debut in convenience stores. The extra toasty cracker was created based on consumer requests, Ms. O’Keefe said."

It was also announced a couple of days ago that Dr. Pepper would be releasing a new cream soda take on its fizzy drink, which is set for release in March 2020. Again, we first saw word of the product on Candy Hunting.

If the success of the Cheez-Its Extra Toasty is anything to go by, the brand could well be onto another winner when the Extra Cheesy variety drops this December, perfect time for the ultimate snacking season: Christmas.

H/T: Candy Hunting