Kids left in tears after mom frightens them with brutal scissor prank

Kids left in tears after mom frightens them with brutal scissor prank

It's no secret that parenting is a tough gig. For the first eighteen or so years of your kid's life, you have to teach them (almost) everything they need to know to be a fully functioning human. And there are some lessons which are easier learned than others.

Take one of the basics, for example, not running with scissors. They are, after all, a sharp object, which, with one misplaced movement, could easily result in the kind of medical disaster most of us would expect to see in the likes of the Final Destination Franchise.

Now, one mom has turned this lesson into a hilarious, but brutal prank.

"Saw this on Facebook," she says, revealing that she is wearing a fake, scissor-pierced tongue.

To see how she uses it to brutally prank her kids, check out the video below: 

Usually, when a parent goes out of their way to teach their kids a lesson, it's for a good reason, but in this instance, it's not known whether Renaue Johnson's kids had been running with scissors, or if she just wanted to prank them for the sheer hell of it.

After revealing that she got the idea on Facebook, she lies down on the kitchen floor, waiting on her son and daughter entering after getting off the school bus. What she created with the aid of the fake tongue looked like something straight out of a horror movie...

This is the moment a best man hilariously pranked the groom by wearing a wedding dress: 

It's Renaue's son who enters first, and bizarrely, he seems unphased by the situation, attempting to move the scissors from his mom's mouth. It's only when she desperately tries to scrawl a message for help on a piece of paper that he begins to scream.

As he screams, "What did you do?!", his sister enters and after initially covering her face with her hands, begins to scream too.

A mom scaring her children. Credit: ViralHog

Thankfully, Renaue doesn't leave her kids traumatized for too long and soon removes the fake tongue to reveal that it was all a prank.

"I'm gonna kill you," her daughter says. "F*ck you."

While laughing, Renaue stops filming as her two children continue to cry hysterically in the background.

Well, that's one way to teach them a lesson they won't forget!