Beautiful moment two women marry on NYC street as officiant leans out of window

Beautiful moment two women marry on NYC street as officiant leans out of window

A photograph has gone viral on social media this week, showing two women marrying on NYC street as their officiant leans out of a window.

According to a report by NBC News, Reiley Jennings and Amanda Wheeler decided to get hitched on Friday on a street in Manhattan's Washington Heights area, after moving the date of their wedding up from October due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus.

This bizarre video shows a maid of honor dressing up as a dinosaur for her sister's wedding: 

However, when New York's official marriage license office was closed that day, Jennings and Wheeler turned to their friend, Matt Wilson - a licensed marriage officiant, to lean out of his window while in self-isolation and marry them from home!

Reiley later took to Instagram to upload some pics from the impromptu wedding, which she captioned: "We were supposed to get married in October. the reality of that happening in our current climate seemed slim. [sic]

She continued: "Amanda’s business closed and everything has just blown up. we got our marriage license yesterday and were walking out the door to get hitched at the courthouse when the mayor announced the immediate closure of the marriage bureau. [sic]"

She added: "After several hours of crying (& drinking), one of our dear friends @iknowmattwilson sent us a message saying he was ordained and could marry us through the state of NY ... we said YES, finished our work meetings, walked down the street to his apartment and got married below his fourth story window as the neighborhood looked on alongside 4 of our best friends. [sic]"

Despite the uncertain times ahead, the newly-married ladies are now keen to spend the rest of their lives with each other, and are happy that, despite the fact that their nuptials were unconventional, they were able to get married.