Lesbian couple become the first in world to carry a baby in both wombs

Lesbian couple become the first in world to carry a baby in both wombs

A lesbian couple from the UK has become the first parents to carry a baby in both of their wombs in a pioneering "shared motherhood" IVF procedure, The Independent reports.

Jasmine Francis-Smith, 28, gave birth to son Otis two months ago using an egg that was implanted by the London Women’s Clinic. Amazingly, the egg was first incubated by wife Donna, 30, for the first stage of the pregnancy.

Before this landmark case, the procedure could only be achieved through artificial incubation of the egg before the transfer of the embryo to the womb.

However, Jasmine and Donna from Northamptonshire, England, used a new procedure in which both of their wombs were utilized in the pregnancy process.

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It entails the fertilization of the egg in a laboratory, incubating it for a day in one of their uteruses, then transferring it to the other's womb for the rest of the pregnancy and birth. Essentially, one mother incubates the egg and the other carries the fetus, a procedure which made them feel "equal in the whole process", they told The Telegraph.

Jasmine gave birth on September 30 in Essex, England, where the family lives.

Donna, a British Army officer, told the publication: "We’re overwhelmed, to be honest, it’s blown up massively." She continued:

"You get a lot of same-sex couples where one person is doing the whole thing, and the one person is getting pregnant and giving birth, whereas with this we’re both involved in a massive way. It’s definitely brought us closer together emotionally. We’re a close couple anyway but we both have a special bond with Otis as well which was helped by the way we’ve done it.

"It’s my egg, and then they did the egg collection from me and then put it back into my body for 18 hours before being put into Jasmine’s body, and she became pregnant."

We want to wish the family all the best for their futures!