Married man and woman file for annulment after realizing they are both gay

Married man and woman file for annulment after realizing they are both gay

For many couples, marriage is their happily ever after; an occasion to celebrate two individuals coming together to spend the rest of their lives together. However, for some couples, a wedding does not signal the end of their love life.

Whether it's down to adultery, dishonesty, or just falling out of love with the other person, there are many married couples that choose to separate (either amicably and mutually or not).

However, after being married for 13 months, Jo Turner and Scott Turner-Smith decided to separate after both coming out as gay, The Sun reports.

The former couple announced on Twitter that they have signed a nullity petition, but are still enjoying nights out together as friends - along with Jo’s new girlfriend, Wendy.

Jo, a 30-year-old dentist, university lecturer, and junior surgeon, revealed the announcement in a tweet, writing: "We have had a hoot signing the nullity petition today - ‘invalid consent by mistake - turns out we are both gay’. Enjoy that, Judge. The screenplay will be out next year."

And Scott, 25, tweeted out to his followers: "I’ve composed and deleted this tweet a thousand times, but here goes: I’m gay. Those I’ve told so far have been wonderful, and for that I’m more grateful than they know. It feels freeing to be able to be my whole self, and I’m excited to find out what’s next."

I, for one, would love to see this heartwarming story of love, friendship, and discovery turned into a rom-com! In fact, it looks like Jo and Scott are already casting their screen adaptation:

Joking aside, there's no doubt the story these friends share will ring true for many people currently in a relationship they perhaps know they shouldn't be in - but after seeing the friendship and happiness both Jo and Scott still share together, they will make the right decision for them!

All the best to the happy (former) couple!