Two young social activists in Italy hilariously photobomb anti-LGBT politician

Two young social activists in Italy hilariously photobomb anti-LGBT politician

Matteo Salvini serves as Italy's deputy prime minister and the minister of the Interior. He's also the leader of the far-right Lega Nord Party, known for its anti-immigration agenda. Recently Salvini was the keynote speaker at the World Congress Of Families, an event that brings together anti-LGBT and anti-abortion activists. Ironically, this year the event was held in Verona, known as the Italian city of love.

Last week, Salvini spoke at a rally in Caltanissetta, Sicily, which drew many protesters, including 19-year-old social activists Gaia Parisi and Matilde Rizzo. When they noticed Salvini was taking selfies with supporters, they got in line. However, when their turn came up, they didn't look at the camera and smile; they shared a kiss, creating a hilarious viral photo. The young women say they're just friends, and wanted to make a statement.

"(Ours is) ... a message of love and tolerance against the language and the attitude of hatred that politicians like Matteo Salvini keep spreading," Parisi told CNN. "But also it's an encouragement not to give up, to keep protesting against discrimination and injustices, because even a simple and natural act like a kiss can open a political debate."

"We decided to use all the means at our disposal to protest peacefully, to be able to send our message through the platforms that unfortunately, today, seems to be the main platforms by which our ministers communicate with citizens," Parisi added. "If the inadequacy of the medium was not enough, I think that the use they make of it is really improper."

But what happened after the picture was taken, when Salvini noticed he got trolled? He patted Rizzo on the head and said  "auguri e figli maschi," an Italian saying meaning "I wish you all the best and male sons," according to Parisi. The women then ironically said thank you, and the politician walked away.

After the photo went viral on Instagram, Salvini reposted it, along with a second image showing his reaction to the kiss. "Best wishes, peace and good, sisters," he wrote in the caption.

Salvini and Rizzo said they hope others take the #LoveChallenge, and photobomb anti-LGBT politicians.