Maid of honour turns up to sister's wedding dressed as T-Rex

Maid of honour turns up to sister's wedding dressed as T-Rex

Planning a wedding is no mean feat - it is, after all, supposed to be one of the most memorable days of your life. A lot of painstaking effort goes into ensuring the ceremony is as beautiful, lavish and well-put-together as it can be. That's why it's nice to be able to shirk responsibility wherever possible. For instance, letting your bridesmaids choose their own attire for the day will allow you to focus on the many other things that go into planning a wedding.

This single woman has already been planning her wedding:

But on the flip side, giving your bridesmaids free rein over their outfits can be pretty risky - if they settle on an ensemble that doesn't exactly fit with the overall theme of the wedding.

In any case, Deanna Adams, a 40-year-old bride from Nebraska, decided to take the risk and let her bridesmaids choose what they wanted to wear on the day. We're guessing it must have come as a bit of a shock when her sister and maid of honour Christina Meador settled on an enormous, inflatable Tyrannosaurus rex costume!

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Christina said it all started as a joke when her sister told her she could wear whatever she wanted on the big day.

Take a look at the maid of honour at the ceremony in an unmistakable dinosaur costume:

"A couple of people asked if they could share it, and with my sister's permission I posted it on my Facebook page and allowed the closed group members to share from there - and then it got way bigger than expected," Christiana told the publication.

She continued: "But it's nice to see that most people get it, and the few who didn't were at least just showing concern for my sister's feelings, not knowing her or the situation."