Man buries McDonald's Big Mac meal in yard and 'eats it 14 months later'

Man buries McDonald's Big Mac meal in yard and 'eats it 14 months later'

In a social experiment not one person asked for, a man who buried a McDonald's Big Mac meal in his friend's yard has dug it up and eaten it over a year later, the Metro reports.

Matt Nadin from South Yorkshire, England, claims to be proud of his ability to eat expired food without throwing up, and therefore decided to put his skills to the ultimate test by doing the 'McDonald's 365 Challenge'.

Nadin completed the "challenge" as a way of celebrating his 40th birthday.

You can watch Matt take on the challenge in the video below:

The father-of-three bought the iconic Maccies meal back in November 2018, and after decanting it into a lunchbox, he buried it in the backyard of his friend Andy Thompson.

Per Caters News, the sales manager intended to dig up the meal on his 40th birthday back in November 2019, but has only recently found time to retrieve the fast-food feast - meaning it had been 14 months since the meal was purchased.

Andy and Matt then took the meal to the same McDonald's restaurant where they purchased it from and compared it to a fresh-from-the-grill Big Mac.

Matt then ate the meal - despite the fries covered in blue mold, the meat in the Big Mac being "hard" and the chocolate milkshake looking "like dirt" and being "fizzy".

While gagging and burping, Nadin managed to achieve the feat (if you can call it that), and choked down the meal in just 20 minutes.

Despite looking absolutely horrendous, Matt insisted some of the food wasn’t as awful as he expected. I'll have to take his word on that, because if one thing is for sure, it's that I've just lost my appetite for the next year...

Matt and Andy often document their time together as part of their Finders Beepers History Seekers YouTube channel.