'Me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018' is the internet's new favourite meme

'Me voting in 2016 vs me voting in 2018' is the internet's new favourite meme

As all Americans should know by now, today - November 6th - is the day to vote in the midterms. While it may not seem to be as big a deal as the presidential election, it's certainly just as important, as the results will have an impact on how much power Donald Trump has in the House and the Senate.

There has been a big push this year to get people, especially younger voters, to head out to the polls, with many celebrities taking to Twitter to encourage their fan bases to do their bit for democracy.

Now the big moment is finally here, though, voting posts on social media have taken over the platform - and one meme in particular is dominating everyone's timelines: "Me voting in 2016 vs Me voting in 2018".

I would go into further detail, but it's pretty self-explanatory...

1. Back then we were so hopeful

2. But now we're kinda desperate

3. We thought we were getting our first female president

4. Instead, we got this mess

5. We were voting for progress, for positive changes

6. Now we're trying to stop things from getting any worse

7. We're angry and we're tired

8. And, after two years, we're done with this nonsense

9. Maybe this time it'll be different

10. But there's only one way to make it happen

Go out and vote, folks. If you're not happy with the current administration - or even if you are - the only way to make your voice count is to get to the polls.