Men need four months of dating before they're happy to share food, study shows

Men need four months of dating before they're happy to share food, study shows

A new study has found that men need four months of dating before they're happy to share food.

Now, as a self-confessed weirdo when it comes to sharing food, I think this is perfectly understandable. I love potato chips, but I'd have to really, really like someone before I'd be willing to let them near my nachos and precious guacamole.

This woman believes that she's too good looking to find love: 

The study was conducted by the relationship website From Mars and involved 2,000 people. It took an in-depth look at their dating habits and rituals and found that, on average, a man will have to be dating a woman for four months before he's willing to share his food with her.

A couple on a date. Credit: Pexels

The study also revealed that 67% of men will feel uncomfortable discussing periods until six months into a relationship, and one in five men said that until they've been with a woman five months, they do not want to see her toothbrush in their bathroom.

Oh, and when it comes to the hoodie situation, 78% of men said that they'd only be willing to let a woman steal their hoodie after they've been dating for five months.

A man letting a woman under his jacket. Credit: Pexels

But don't worry ladies, it's not all doom and gloom as 27% of men surveyed said they'd be happy to give them a drawer in their room three to six months into a relationship (these guys sound like they are total keepers).

Okay, enough of what the survey has to say about men, what did it reveal about women?

Well, writing as a woman, the first revelation is perfectly understandable, with 27% of the ladies surveyed admitting that they won't intentionally fart around a male partner until they've been dating for eight months. But that being said, 33% never want their partner to smell or hear their farts.

Meanwhile, one in three women said that they don't want their partner to pee with the door open, or discuss anything about their bowel movements until ten months into a relationship. Mean said they'd discuss this issue after an average of seven months.

But unbelievably, one in nine men are happy to discuss their toilet habits just two weeks into a relationship!

If you'd like to find out more about people's dating habits and rituals, you can read the full survey here.