Mom bakes a 'Hercules' cake for her son but makes one crucial mistake

Mom bakes a 'Hercules' cake for her son but makes one crucial mistake

In the massive filmography of animated Disney films made over the year, you've got a wide range of features that form the narrative of Disney's complicated history.

You've got your instant classics like the Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, you've got your insane, regrettable mistakes (Song of the South did not age well), but one movie people often forget about when discussing Disney's best is the 1997 film Hercules.

Despite its general unevenness, Hercules is a glorious triumph of music, comedy and Greek mythology, and any film featuring an honest-to-God musical number from Danny DeVito simply has to be one of my favourite movies.

Hercules and Pegasus Credit: Disney

Hercules, of course, featured Tate Donovan as the titular Greek hero, but one wise decision they made was to give him a sidekick - the petulant, hilarious Pegasus.

Pegasus is one in a long list of memorable Disney sidekicks, and in this writer's opinion it's no surprise that the winged horse has been featured on a kid's birthday cake. I am a little surprised that it happened today, because the movie came out over 20 years ago, but I guess the movie's got a new generation of fans.

One of those fans is the son of this aspiring baker mom, who decided to use Pegasus as the inspiration for a custom-made birthday cake. Unfortunately, although her heart was in the right place, she made a crucial error that's got her entire family (as well as the internet at large) laughing their butts off.

Pegasus cake Credit: Instagram

"The cake my wife made was supposed to portray Pegasus and Baby Pegasus. She doesn't understand why everyone kept laughing," said her husband when submitting the photo to the Awkward Family Photos Instagram page, but I'm sure you saw it right away.

If you look at the white space, you can tell what she was trying to do - to have the baby version of Pegasus in the foreground while the adult version made up a silhouette, but unfortunately, because of the way the shadow worked, it kind of looks like the adult Pegasus has a particularly... large endowment.

Pegasus Credit: Getty

Naturally, people in the comments were quick to weigh in with their opinions and jokes. "Took me a minute to see the baby Pegasus," said one comment, while another added: "Lol it took me a second." But one commenter took the time to say that while there was an unfortunate design flaw, it was "still an awesome cake". Can't argue with that.

And besides, as we've seen a few times before, it's actually super hard to make a child's birthday cake without accidentally making it X-rated or simply terrible. I still don't understand why we're making Hercules cakes in this day and age, but it's still a pretty good attempt, and I'd imagine that once you get over the joke and take a bite, it probably tastes pretty good as well.