Mom bakes son 'good luck' cake for college but accidentally left him a very rude message

Mom bakes son 'good luck' cake for college but accidentally left him a very rude message

While I've never had kids of my own, I only had to look at my mother's face when the day came to realise how hard it is to watch your kid head off for university. While you're immeasurably proud to watch them take their first tentative steps out on their own, it's all too easy as a parent to notice that these are also your son or daughter's first proper steps away from you, and that from that point on, your relationship won't quite be the same as it was.

But that's no reason to be sad or bitter, moms and dads out there. This mother's got the right idea - baking her kid a cake to send him off to college in the best way - but the message on that cake didn't read quite as she expected. At least, I hope it didn't read quite as she expected.

For this unfortunate cake message, we go to the world of Reddit, where this kind of thing happens all too often, weirdly enough. This time, you'll find the CasualUK SubReddit, where the user Yellow-SP shared a picture of a cake a friend of theirs baked for their son, before they left for uni.

"A friend made a cake for her son last week," explained the Redditor last week, and I'm sure this parent had only the best intentions when she wrote to her son "Good luck @ Uni" in icing, but I don't think those intentions were appreciated fully. Take a look at this cake, and you might be able to see why.

There - can you see it? The sight of good intentions paving the road to Hell? The rest of Reddit certainly did. "Delighted to see the little s*** finally leave after eighteen long years," joked one, while another added: "Absolute gold- when you head says 'Good Luck @ Uni', but your heart says 'Get the f*** out of my house.'"

This was almost - almost - a great cake message, but the thing with abbreviating words and the like is that it's really - oddly - easy to accidentally spell out the C-Word. It's kind of insane how easy it is to accidentally be obscene when we're trying to bake a cake for the ones we love. Think I'm being glib? This isn't the first time it's happened.

This is meant to be a cake for a child's first birthday party - that flesh coloured stripper pole the cute little monkey is grinding on is meant to represent a one - but as you can see, it went horribly wrong. The blue flowery discharge is an inspired bit of terrible cake-making. But wait till you see this birthday cake for a two-year-old.

This cake is meant to say 'two', but as you can see (at least from this angle), it does not say 'two'. It's uncanny, really. How hard can it be to not write something obscene in a birthday cake? Apparently, it's really, really hard.