Mom compared to Ross from 'Friends' after hilarious attempt to get into PVC pants

Mom compared to Ross from 'Friends' after hilarious attempt to get into PVC pants

There's a reason most people prefer their pants to be made from denim, cotton, or polyester - and that's because they're durable, practical, and easy to get on. But for one mom, her attempt to jazz up her OOTD with a pair of PVC pants proved to be a hysterical fashion faux pas.

The hilarious clip comes from Laura Belbin, a woman who proudly describes herself on Instagram as a "mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and I'm that person you avoid eye contact with in the playground". Also known for her comedy/parenting blog Knee Deep In Life, Laura isn't one to shy away when it comes to showing the ugly realities of life to her 80,000 followers.

Now, the mom from Gosport, UK, has shared a hilarious video of her attempting to squeeze herself into a pair of PVC pants - and it makes for a painfully funny ordeal from start to finish.

The bad news for Laura is that once the pants were finally on, they didn't stay on for long: 

Hilariously, her children can be heard shouting off camera, "Mom, when are we going?", to which the frustrated mom snaps: "In a minute!!"

Speaking to Caters, Laura said: “By the time I had got to the point where I had them on and they then ripped, I was just relieved they hadn't passed out because I had spent 10 minutes of my life I wouldn't get back trying to get them on and I was sweating for the sheer effort it had taken."

Many people seeing Laura's struggle with her PVC pants will be reminded of the now-infamous scene from Friends, in which Ross decides to wear a pair of leather pants as a part of his New Year's resolution to try something new every day.

In the hilarious scene - from season five's 'The One With All The Resolutions' - Ross' date with Elizabeth Hornswoggle ends in disaster after he removes the pants in her bathroom in order to cool himself down.

Check out the iconic scene below:

In the scene, Ross desperately calls pal Joey for some advice, who suggests Ross also tries Laura's technique of using baby powder to help absorb any moisture, but to no avail. Ross then attempted to use lotion to lubricate the pants, which caused him to utter the genius line: "The lotion and the powder have made a paaaaaste!"

Fortunately, all the comments on Laura's video about Ross' similar struggle weren't lost on Laura, who said:

“Being a massive Friends fan meant all the comments weren’t lost on me. 

 “In fact, it only made it funnier because as I watched the video back all I could think about was Ross in that bathroom on his date.”

I guess the lesson we can all learn from Ross and Laura is this: jeans are popular for a reason.