Mom vows to share breastfeeding snap once a week after being abused by trolls on Instagram

Mom vows to share breastfeeding snap once a week after being abused by trolls on Instagram

Despite the leaps and bounds made towards better treatment of women in society over the past few decades, there are still some issues we can't quite get over. Women are still judged constantly for how they look, for instance, or heckled in the street, or discriminated against in the workplace. And, above all, the group of women to consistently get the worst treatment always seems to be mothers.

They stay home to take care of the kids: they're not doing a "real" job. They go to work and leave the kids under someone else's care: they're neglectful. Every single decision - breastfeeding/bottle-feeding, where they send their little ones to school, how often they let them watch TV or play games - all of it is judged.

So, when Amy Layne, a mother of two, faced backlash for posting a picture of herself breastfeeding her two kids on social media, she decided that - this time - she wouldn't just sit there and take it.

Amy Lane Credit: Instagram/@damyhealth

The 36-year-old holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach shared the above pic of herself with her newborn and two-year-old on Instagram, and almost immediately got bombarded with negative comments. She lost a number of followers, too, but would not let herself get disheartened by what happened.

Instead, she doubled down on her decision to share these intimate moments from her life.

"Initially, I was just trying to share an image of the truth of my life. I always try to share images of my reality on Instagram. Now it has transformed into something where I feel I have to use my voice," she told Femail.

"I only have a small voice on the internet. I'm not Kim Kardashian but I feel it is extremely important to let people know that nursing your child is not a disgusting act, it is beautiful and powerful. 

"I want to be a person who isn't told by others what to do or who to be. Especially when what I am doing is not hurting anyone, it is nourishing and growing other humans."

Amy Lane Credit: Instagram/@damyhealth

So how is she planning to tackle the trolls?

"In response [to criticism] I will be sharing a breast-feeding photo once a week indefinitely," she said. "I'm kicking this off with the highly offensive photo of me breastfeeding two children at once (one being over two years old)."

Lane explained to Femail that not everybody was critical of the original post, but those who were really got to her.

"The initial reaction varied from people telling me I was very brave to people telling me it was disgusting.

"That drove me to share the image of me nursing both my 8-week-old and two-year-old at the same time. I knew sharing this image would disturb those who were already disturbed by me nursing my newborn."

Amy Layne Credit: Instagram/@damyhealth

While some may not see the importance in taking a stand like this, it was certainly a bold move for Layne to make. Because of her refusal to give in to trolls, she has given other mothers the confidence to breastfeed their children, and to not be ashamed of it - because they never should have been in the first place.

Well done for taking a stand, Amy, and congrats on the new arrival!